Institutional Services

Given the background and experience of the partners at Park Ridge Asset Management, we are well qualified to serve as a fiduciary alongside our institutional clients. We are experienced in board governance and knowledgeable around the fiduciary obligations that can be present in an institutional setting. Additionally, we understand the need for a high level of regular communication and client service, and have significant experience meeting with boards and investment committees. Institutional clients that we have served include: Foundations, 401(k) Plans, Trust Companies, RIAs and Financial Planning Firms.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management – We provide discretionary management for institutional clients, and will customize a portfolio based on the unique needs of each organization. Click here to review a summary of our investment process.
  • Retirement Plan Services – We provide consulting services for retirement plans to include a detailed review and/or the creation of an Investment Policy Statement, the selection and monitoring of third-party investment managers, periodic reporting designed to fulfill the fiduciary responsibility of the investment committee, and the creation of asset allocation models for 401(k) Plan participants.
  • Consulting Services to Fiduciary Clients – We provide customized asset allocation models and lists of approved managers or securities to aid in the management of your client assets and to support your compliance efforts. We can also serve as discretionary managers on a select number of your accounts either in a client facing or behind the scenes role. We are highly sensitive to the need for you to preserve the exclusive management of your client relationships. We can also perform the role of an outsourced Chief Investment Officer.