Clients Served

We work with a broad range of individual and institutional clients:

  • Individual Investors
    • Individual and family relationships
    • All account types: agency, trusts, IRAs and employee 401(k) accounts
    • Portfolios designed for all risk profiles
    • Coordination with other advisors and key professionals
  • Institutional Investors
    • Retirement Plans (401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, etc.)
    • Foundations, Endowments, and corporate accounts
    • We will serve in a Co-Fiduciary capacity with the Plan Sponsor
    • Broad range of investment strategies and reporting capabilities
    • Coordination with key third-party service providers
  • Community Banks, Trust Companies & Other Advisors
    • Consulting services for: asset allocation, manager selection, and risk management strategies
    • Customized strategic asset allocation models with tactical changes
    • Institutional quality manager due diligence with ongoing research reports and updates
    • Integration of alternative assets and management of concentrated positions
    • Discretionary sub-advisory services